Brand & Concept Development


Branding and concepting is crucial for any business to stand out from the crowd.

Holland Consulting Ghana has developed many different brands and concepts such as Aksis City Resorts for Forebase investment in Chong Ching, China.



Holland Consulting Ghana employs marketing experts who focus on the constant exposure of your business and products.

Marketing activities include:

- Design and production of websites, brochures, logo's

- Development of corporate identity

- Advertising

- Social media marketing

- Networking

- Establishment of partnerships

- Organizing events

Training & Masterclasses


Holland Consulting Ghana provides Masterclasses for senior management and group management based on topics discussed with our clients. The classes focus on the specific needs of your organization.

We do an assessment of your organization's operation and then determine which managers need to attend the training. The classes can take place in your offices or at another location of your choice.

We also provide personal development seminars and team building events.

Budgeting and financial planning


Many smaller organizations struggle with their budgeting process and monitoring or evaluating the financial performance.

Operating according to an operational budget including proper reservations for CAPEX and FF&E is crucial for the success of your business.

Financial results have to be evaluated and compared to budget on a monthly basis so that actions can be taken to (over) achieve the budget at the end of the year.

Holland Consulting Ghana offers you full support.

Full Operational Management


Holland Consulting Ghana an provide full operational management of your business. We manage the business as if it as our own and we focus on optimizing your long term profits and qualitative results.

Our fees for these services are mainly performance based, in principle 'no cure, no pay'.

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