Holland Consulting Ghana has been appreciated by clients for being committed and expert management consultants and interim managers on a broad range of complex problems. Our recommendations are always based on state-of-the-art knowledge in our areas of expertise and our wealth of experience in the field. Pragmatic and solution oriented. As demonstrated by groundbreaking assignments and successful implementations.

Our aim is the permanent better functioning of organizations and people within organizations. In roles like director of changes, trainer of negotiating skills, in-depth researcher, or strategic sparring partner. We do this for executive teams, managers, directors, supervisors and participation councils. In organizations ranging from not-for-profit to (divisions of) multinational enterprises.

We thoroughly enjoy exchanging our knowledge and experiences with our relations and associates. Through assignments, books, articles, lectures and classes for various institutions. So that we can develop, learn and share together with you.

Holland Consulting Ghana: change for permanent improvement


Our passion is to make your organization function consistently better and work with your employees to seek out new opportunities, implement change and get results. We are also highly skilled in combating crises and responsible decision-making. Advisory processes such as these come naturally to Holland Consulting Ghana, enabling us to provide enthusiasm and added value with a sharp focus on practicality and solutions.

Our core activities include gathering, refining, creating and communicating incisive management information, focusing on anything from functional matters to the road to improvement ('the process').

Wherever possible, we like to work together with you or other partners. We strive to ensure continual interplay between theory and practice by incorporating cutting-edge applied science into modern consultancy practice.

Our core values are service, professionalism and innovation.

We are happy to share our insights, not only through our consultancy practice but also countless books, publications and lectures. We believe that to share knowledge is to expand knowledge, and we invite you to take part in this highly enlightening process.


We will do everything we can to answer your questions online within 24 hours.



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